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Hello, everyone? Thank you for visiting KOICID. To briefly introduce, KOICID is a research organization with the vision of responding to rising global problem of infectious diseases through international cooperative networks.

Indeed, infectious diseases have become a global issue. New and mutated infectious diseases previously unknown such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), Ebola, and Zika virus have been occurring almost every year. These infectious diseases are powerful enough to severely threaten the human health and economy of an entire country. In addition, due to recently increasing international exchanges, infectious diseases are easily spreading to other countries regardless of national boundaries. Infectious diseases have now become a shared problem that the whole world, not just certain countries, should solve through cooperation.

Reality is that each country's situation may be different. For example, some countries may have many patients with infectious diseases but lack institutions or manpower. Other countries may have sufficient institutions and manpower but lack clinical resources needed for related research due to insufficiency of patients with infectious diseases. We believe that if these countries in differing situations cooperate with each other, each country's insufficiencies would be balanced out and smooth responsive measures to infectious diseases will be possible.

KOICID will do its best to contribute to creating international cooperative relationships as responsive measures to infectious diseases. If you participate in these relationships, you will be one of the leaders fighting against a worldwide problem of infectious diseases. We eagerly invite you to this international cooperation against infectious diseases.

KOICID president Sungmin Kim